Thursday, October 23, 2014

☆ Makeup : Mermaid Tutorial ☆☆

Hi dolls Cet été, moi et mes copines de chez Gal VIP avons concocté quelques tutoriels makeup sur le thème des sirènes! Gros défi pour moi qui ne suis pas une habituée des tutos. Autant dire que j'ai passé un temps fou à pondre celui-là! J'espère que vous apprécierez l'effort et qu'il vous plaira

Vous pouvez retrouver les tutos de mes copines Astralys, Rina, Kyo et Xin sur le blog de Gal VIP! Merci d'être de plus en plus nombreux à nous soutenir

Hi dolls! This summer, me and my Gal VIP buddies did some makeup tutorial, to look like a mermaid! That was a big challenge for me, as I'm not really used to doing tutoo its! I must admit it took me pretty much time to create this one, so you have to appreciate the effort! ^^ I hope you'll like it! You can find Astralys, Rina, Kyo and Xin's tutorials on Gal VIP's blog. Thank you for being so many to follow and support us! xoxo

Friday, October 10, 2014

Busy october

Hi dolls! Petit article aujourd'hui pour vous dire que non le blog n'est pas mort, et oui je suis débordée! Je suis consciente que je dis cela très souvent, mais que voulez vous, Ly a une vie trépidante! Je suis très peu dispo en ce moment, pour cause de déplacement professionnel et d'une accumulation brutale de responsabilités. Mais rien de mieux pour décompresser que de me tourner vers mon petit blog kawaii et girly! D'ailleurs je prévois de changer quelque peu la déco par ici...

...Ly is always moving...
Hi dolls! My blog is not dead, I'm just too busy! I know, I always say that, but Ly has a very intense life! Actually, I'm currently in another city for my job, and I got plenty of new responsibilities. So what's better than my girly and kawaii blog to put down the pressure? (BTW I've planned to change the layout)

Bref, on est en octobre, et j'adore ce mois! J'adore l'automne qui nous fait porter les nouvelles collections, les couleurs de la nature, le cocooning, et puis c'est bientôt mon anniversaire! Pour la peine, je vous soumets présente ma wishlist automnale.
So, we are on october and I love this month. I love wearing new clothes, the nature colors, cocooning, and my birthday is very soon! That's the perfect moment to share my wishlist right?

Une nouvelle couleur! Rien de radical, mais sûrement une teinte plus foncée et plus cendrée. Ce qui veut dire également de nouvelles extensions!
New hair color! Not a drastic change, but maybe a darker ashy color. That means new extensions too!

Quelques achats gyarus pour renouveler ma garde robe qui en a bien besoin! J'ai (encore) envie de ceinture d.i.a. pirate, de rouge et de girly!
Some new gyaru clothes, I need to refresh my wardrobe and I want to add a new d.i.a. belt (again) and some red & girly clothes!

Et sinon, la collection éphémère de Noël de chez Lush me fait outrageusement de l'oeil! Je rêve d'odeurs hivernales, de paillettes et de bain aux couleurs pastelles!
The new Xmas collection from Lush is just soooo atractive! Winter sents, sparkles and pastel colored baths...

Mais parlons gyaru maintenant : avez-vous vu le nouveau numéro de Gal VIP?Je trouve que les designers ont fait un super travail et le contenu est vraiment sympa! En ce qui concerne ma participation, vous trouverez un tuto coiffure, un tuto makeup et une interview (rien que ça! ;).

click on the cover to download ^^

Let's talk about gyaru now : did you see Gal VIP last issue? I think designers did a really great job. About my contribution, I made a makeup tutorial, a hair tutorial and an interview. Tell me what do you think about this issue!

Je terminerai cet article par un gros merci aux personnes qui prennent le temps de me laisser de gentils petits messages, que ce soit sur le blog ou de manière anonyme. Je vous embrasse fort!
Just before leaving, I want to thank the lovely people who took the time to send me cute little messages, here on the blog or anonymousely! Love ya!! xoxo

Monday, September 8, 2014

[Sponsor] Maple Lens : EOS candy brown

Hi dolls! To improve my gyaru style, I'm always looking for the perfect circle lenses. For example, I love the ones which create a halo around your pupil, like the Honey Wing from Tsubasa. You know what I mean? 

yeah, that kind of CL

Maple Lens is a webstore located in Malaysia. It provides plenty of Korean lenses with decent prices. Shipping is very fast and the customer service is reactive and friendly. Maple Lens sent me a pair of EOS Candy Brown. Lucky me

 EOS Candy Brown 

Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal 
Price : 18$90
Buy them here!!

It's really simple, but really effective : a light brown halo with a bold black ring. It enlightens my hazel eyes and gives a very dolly look. Except for the black ring, the color looks very natural on my eyes.


Great! It gives big eyes without being too much. Just the perfect dolly look! It's the perfect size to do soft or stronger makeup.


Very comfortable, I donn't feel any disease, even if I have sensitive eyes. I just need a proper lens solution and here we go! However, I never use CL for too long when I'm tired.

I think you understood : I loooove these lenses! Definitively one of my favourites! You can find them on the webstore in brown, blue, green, grey, pink and purple! Thank you Maple Lens

These CL inspired me to adopt a Kogal look! I hope you enjoyed this style too!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

✞ Thank you Kawaii.i, I'm a Ghost of Harlem now ! ✞

Hi dolls! Some times ago, I won a prize from Kawaii International, remember? Well, I received a big parcel from Japan and I would like to share with you the pretty stuff that were inside!

I received a whole outfit from Ghost of Harlem! The one Sakurina is wearing on this pic  : synthetic leather studded cap, fleece mini skater skirt with suspender and a power net catear-cut tops. The clothes are great, and I love the skirt! 

So stylish, right?  I don't think I can be as cute as Sakurina in this outfit, but I tried my best! I hope you'll like my shooting. 

top (actually it's a tunic), skirt and cap : Ghost of Harlem ; shoes : New Look ; necklace : Glavil

Thank you again Kawaii International, I'm so proud of being chosen to receive this prize!  That's not the first time I was involved in Kawaii.i events, and I hope it won't be the last! I experienced so many great things thanks to them. Thank you again!

Don't forget to like the facebook page and watch the shows, to know the latest trends in kawaii culture